Litter P

With great joy on 02/05/2020 in Dragonborn kennel we welcomed little Flat Coated Retrievers, whose happy mother is Cindy, and the daddy of Bango litter. In litter P 5 beautiful and strong boys (3 liver and 2 black) and 3 girls (2 black and 1 liver) were born.

The mum of the puppies is the aforementioned Cindy – Sailing Team Dragon Dream – referred to by us in our kennel as “Black Pearl”. Since 2016, when we started active participation in exhibitions in Poland and abroad, where she was recognized by a huge group of judges. These successes resulted in obtaining a double Interchampion (C.I.B. and C.I.E.) in Leipzig (August 2018). The range of show successes outside Poland covered countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Parallel to the show successes, since 2016 Cindy can also be proud of the title of working female (WCC) and receiving a certificate (no flat coated retriever female from Poland has received this certificate since then) at the age of just over a 1 year old (August 2016). Cindy received 1st and 2nd degree diplomas at numerous competitions for retrievers both in the Czech Republic and Poland (in the Czech Republic she stood on the podium many times and only one competitions separates her from obtaining the Czech Work Championship).

In many ways, Cindy is unique as a two-task dog (show + utility), but most of all she is a wonderful everyday companion, a huge and sensitive pet who loves to play and spend time with people. Cindy loves to play, eat good food and learn, she is extremely focused on working with people, but she can also relax and have the best fun with other dogs.

The daddy of the litter is Bango – Backseat Lover Optimus Canis.

Banguś is a young and very promising boy who has the title of Junior Champion of Poland and the title of the Club Winner of Poland (Retriever Club Show 2019, Wawrzkowizna).

Bango’s father is the outstanding Multichampion and the winner of many prestigious events Almanza Backseat Driver “Baxer”, and his mum is Polish Champion, BORN TO BE WILD MALMESBURY Optimus Canis, or sweet “Banana”

The litter’s parents are tested for: HD, ED, PL, Gonio and eye diseases

Cindy – Sailing Team Dragon Dream
Bango – Backseat Lover Optimus Canis
Bango – Backseat Lover Optimus Canis



ur. 02/05/2020

Cindy & Bango