We are the owners of a small, home-breeding dog breed: Red Irish Setter and Flat Coated Retriever in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains in Lower Silesia. Dogs are our great love and we try to ensure that they receive enough entertainment, physical and intellectual activity. We believe that dogs that are satisfied are happy dogs. Our pupils are equal members of our family, we do not keep them in pens, cages or in separate rooms. Our adventure with dogs began in childhood and we cannot imagine a different life without them. Much of our life revolves around dogs and it is an amazing adventure.

In our breding, we attach great importance to animal health. We do DNA tests, we test our dogs for eye, heart and skeletal diseases. We take care of their proper physical and emotional development. We make every effort to ensure that the food is of the highest quality and properly balanced.

The Irish Setter and Flat Coated Retriever are hunting dogs, focused on working with humans. We take care of their development, talent grinding and appropriate training. We want their passion to be focused on the right goal and we try to match tasks proportionally to their skills and body build. We have the opportunity to test their talents at competitions not only in Poland.

Our kennel is registered in the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP), belonging to the FCI.